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    Israel bars Palestinians from visiting al-Quds during Ramadan


    by PressTV

    An Israeli wall was built in 2002 between the occupied West Bank and Israel. This wall has prevented Palestinians from entering Jerusalem Al-Quds, who have not special permits issued by Israel. This has impacted both the economic and social situation in the city.
    Last Ramadan, Israel gave almost a quarter million permits to Palestinians in the West Bank to visit Jerusalem Al-Quds for prayers and have benefits of the Israeli markets. This Ramadan however Israel does not allow many Palestinians to visit Jerusalem al-Quds, amid violence following the death of Palestinian teenager Mohammad Abu khdeir. The Israeli restrictions have decreased the number of people coming to the city and subsequently the shoppers. The ongoing Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip is another reason for the decrease in sales in Jerusalem Al-Quds markets, as Palestinians are concerned about the situation in the besieged territory. During Ramadan, people usually come from all over the occupied West Bank to pray in the al-Aqsa mosque and to go shopping in Jerusalem al-Quds markets. But because Israeli forces have imposed strict restrictions on Palestinians, this is how downtown Jerusalem al-Quds now looks like. Empty and sad.