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    Collectif BIB - Extrait 3

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    Spectacle de rue -

    Trois déracinés,
    aux costumes élimés,
    déambulent dans une nouvelle ville, à la recherche d'un endroit où se poser quelques temps,
    elle parle aux poissons ,
    il porte sa maison,
    ils dansent,
    ils boivent
    du bleu envahit tout,
    ils rient ,
    et il faut repartir une nouvelle fois...

    La vie ici et maintenant.

    Sur une musique d'Europe de l'est ( accordéon ), danse et portés acrobatiquement tendres articulent un spectacle entre le théâtre et le Cirque, où humour, nostalgie et poésie se mêlent.

    Le spectacle dure 30 minutes 2 fois par jour

    Somewhere where outside the world

    The international jury of the International Street Theatre Festival Detmold 2004 says: In the categoy "small and mobile street theatre" we would like to give a special mention to the following production: The young company Collectif du Bonheur Interieur Brut from France impressed us with their spirit and playfulness. Collectif du BIB showed us how with charm and ideas you can comunicate a very touching subject without sentimentality.

    Three enigmatic characters arrive in your city, looking for a place to stay. She climbs up in a tree and speaks with fishes. He's got his home on his back and dances on stilts. A musician plays old east european tunes... Without a word, Bonheur Interieur Brut (BIB, which means something like "raw inner happiness") is a real moment of street performance, sharing emotions and laughters with the public, and inviting them to have another vision of what being alive means... before running away again, for anywhere, out of the world.