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    Web News - Israelis taking bomb shelter selfies

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    In this edition: Israelis taking bomb shelter selfies; web users in the Philippines speak up for an unwed mum; and a young woman`s selfie montage shows struggles with hair pulling …

    Here’s the latest trend to hit social networks in Israel; bomb shelter selfies. Photo shared while Palestinian rockets rain down across the country, and the Israel defense forces step up air strikes on the Gaza Strip … 
    On their own, or with their families, Israelis have been posing for these pics, smiles on their faces, and posting them to this Facebook page: “Bomb Shelter Selfies”. It’s one way of documenting their experiences inside the underground safe rooms, where they sometimes have to stay for hours, even entire nights. 
    Talking to the Haaretz daily newspaper, the founder of the Facebook group Sara Eisen said it is also a way of showing the world that the Israelis are not going to let the attacks get to them; for more than a week now rockets sirens have been sounded on a regular basis across Israel. 
    But given the seriousness of the context, not everyone approves of these selfies. Twitter users have pointed out that Gaza residents do not have the luxury of posing for bomb shelter selfies during Israeli air strikes, as they do not have any bomb shelters and are unable to seek refuge during the attacks. 
    This video shows a priest berating an unwed mother during her son`s baptism last Sunday. Father Romeo Obach from Cebu in the Philippines is seen speaking out against a society which, in his opinion, encourages sexual relations outside of marriage, and scolding the 17 year old... Go on reading on our web site.
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