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    Tommy Sotomayor Says Bring Back The Klu Klux Klan !

    Uncle Tom CableVision

    by Uncle Tom CableVision


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    yes my brother tommy I hear the agression coming out of you the man mess up your mind and turn you in a educated fool let me point this out to you- you are doing the same thing you are accusing the sisters of doing, no matter how white you think your inside is you look like one off us so you love white women ok nothing is wrong with that now the sisters like to look like white women same thing your problem is you want to love white women then use the sisters natural hair as a excuse to say they are ugly but sisters have one on you they get hair to let them look better and they dam sure looking good so they mess up your game all those thing you are talking about black don't do and black do you don't care is because the sisters is looking good and it mess up your little game you have in your head. I was thinking to debate you but your standard is so low the moment I think about it my blood run cold and I loose that vibe it don't worth it you are the lowest of the low. this is Trevor tallman