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    Since I Left You (2000) is the first single from the debut album by Melbourne-based electronic music group The Avalanches, who by the way are all Philipino. It is composed almost entirely of samples from old records, films, and TV shows. It was a worldwide success, especially in the UK where it reached #8 on the commercial album charts.

    "Frontier Psychiatrist" was released as a single and became their most well-known song, hitting #48 in Australia and #18 in the UK. The song "Since I Left You" hit #16 in the UK and also entered the top 100 in Australia. The album also reached #8 in the UK, and was Planet Sound's #1 Album of 2001. Initial overseas versions of the album had some samples removed. Current pressings have most of these samples back in place. Avalanches also became the first act to get permission from Madonna to sample her work.

    "Since I Left You" contains elements from "Everyday" written by Jeanne Salo, Published by Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp & Attraction Music, Inc (BMI) (Administered by Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp.) Performed by the Main Attraction, used under license from Capitol Records, a division of Capitol Records, Inc; Contains a sample from "Let's do the Latin Hustle" written by Edward Drennan, Published by Damit Music, Inc. (BMI), Administered by Golden Rule Administrators, Performed by Klaus Wunderlich, courtesy of Eastwest Records GmbH Germany, A Warner Music Group Company; and embodies portions of "By the Time I Get To Phoenix" Written by Jimmy Webb, published by EMI Sosaha Music, Inc. & Johnathan Three Music Co. (BMI), administered by Lastrada Entertainment Co. All Rights Reserved. Used by permission.