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    White house pushing congress over budget to handle immigrants’ crisis


    by PressTV

    The Obama administration is pushing Congress to give them billions of dollars to handle the flood of undocumented immigrants onto US soil. So far, US officials estimate that nearly 60,000 immigrants have crossed into the US from Central American countries. They say the problem is only going to get worse without receiving more money. The White House wants 3.7 Billion dollars to house, treat and process immigrants who make the very often treacherous journey, but also to increase border surveillance and aid immigrants’ home countries to persuade their citizens not to emigrate to the U-S. Congress says it’s not willing to give US President Barack Obama--a blank check. Immigrants traveling to the US over the past 9 months have overwhelmed the immigration system. Officials at the border say they are overcrowding holding facilities and are creating a huge backlog of cases for hearings that can take years to schedule. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson estimates that by the end of the fiscal year in September the US will encounter up to 90,000 children traveling by themselves. And another 145,000 within the same time period next fall. That’s why the White House put in a formal request for the aid which would accelerate deportations. A portion of the nearly 4 billion dollars would go to border patrol officers, judges and others to deal with the influx from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. But of course, the US President is dealing with a deep partisan divide on The Hill while the futures of tens of thousands of immigrants hangs in the balance staging a battle that could last for weeks.