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    Two young disabled girls killed in Israeli air strikes as Palestinian death toll tops 120

    euronews (in English)

    by euronews (in English)

    Three men and two young disabled girls have been killed by Israeli air strikes bringing the total number of Palestinians killed in the last five days to more than 120.

    Almost 1,000 people have been wounded putting local hospitals under pressure.

    No Israelis have died.

    Israel’s military said the attacks have taken out Hamas’ command centres and rocket launchers.

    One woman whose house was destroyed overnight asked: “Am I a terrorist? Do I make rockets and artillery?”

    A funeral was held for the three dead men, their bodies draped in the yellow Fatah flags. Eyewitnesses said they were killed after finishing their pre-dawn meal before starting their daily fast for Ramadan.

    A nearby centre for disabled people had collapsed in rubble. The Gaza Health Ministry said two young disabled girls attending the centre had been killed by Israeli bombing.