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    Israel defies ruling on apartheid wall


    by PressTV

    For the past twelve years, the apartheid wall has cast a long shadow over occupied Palestine.

    It has consumed lands and livelihoods as it slices through cities and villages, restricting an indigenous population into tiny bantustans, forming the backbone of a settler-colonial project.

    The wall has withstood an intifada, round after round of negotiations, and countless condemnations from human rights groups far and wide.

    Despite its seeming immutability, a crack in the wall appeared ten years ago, when on July 9, 2004, the International Court of Justice ruled that the wall constructed in the occupied West Bank was illegal, must be torn down, and that Israel was obliged to pay reparations for the damage caused by its construction.

    Ten years have passed, and as powerful governments have shirked their responsibilities, the wall has expanded with impunity.

    In the face of official inaction, dozens of Palestinian organizations recently issued a call for ordinary people around the world to mark ten years since the ruling by making July the month of action against the apartheid wall.