Germany orders top CIA official to leave

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Germany has expelled the CIA station chief in Berlin. This appears to be a dramatic display of anger from the government of Chancellor Angela Merkel at Washington after officials said they had discovered two suspected US spies.
The alleged spies were only unmasked because they were suspected to work for Russia. "One has been expecting anything from China and Russia while having blind faith in America, but these times are over", says André Hahn of the Opposition Die Linke. His party has also demanded serious actions. Angela Merkel made a clear statement regarding the case after keeping quiet for so long: “If the allegations prove to be true, looking at it from the basis of good common sense, spying on allies is a waste of energy.“ The Chancellor compared the American actions with the Cold War and added „back then there might have been mutual distrust but in the 21st century we have different, new problems we should focus on“ referring to the conflicts in Syria and Iraq and the fight against terrorism. She said that trust between allies is crucial in complicated times like this. "More trust means more security," Merkel said. According to the Control Panel the first case is much more serious than the second one. Reportedly 218 documents have been transferred to the US. The CDU believes the material to be irrelevant, the Opposition however expects explosive revelations. The panel will have insights of all documents and will discuss the next step in an extraordinary meeting in mid-August.