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    US and China in "frank" talks over cyber crime

    euronews (in English)

    by euronews (in English)

    What have been described as “frank” talks on internet security have taken place between the US and China during the annual Strategic and Economic Dialogue meeting now in its fifth year.

    It’s unclear if any progress was made in resuming a working group between the two states on cyber security after Beijing suspended its activities in May.

    “The loss of intellectual property through cyber has a chilling effect on innovation and investment, incidents of cyber theft have harmed our businesses and threatened our nation’s competitiveness,” US Secretary of State John Kerry told reporters.

    The two countries have been at odds after the US charged five Chinese military officers with hacking.

    The Chinese foreign policy chief Yang Jiechi described cyber theft as a “common threat and challenge facing all countries” adding China wanted cooperation on cyber issues on the basis of mutual respect and trust.