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    Researchers Mesmerized By Bizarre Underwater Creature

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    R.R. Helm recently spoke about the discovery of a purple siphonophore which is a relative of the jellyfish. The purple siphonophore he’s talking about was recorded during the Nautilus Live expedition.

    We bet you’ve never seen a sea creature like this! Recent footage from the Nautilus Live expedition revealed the unusual and mesmerizing creature.
    The sighting has RR Helm of DeepSeaNews speaking about the purple siphonophore which is actually a relative of the jellyfish. Helm, who is a PhD candidate studying jellyfish development and evolution at Brown University, is baffled by the finding.

    Helm remarked “I’ve seen red siphonophores like this, a couple orange, but never ever this strange purple-blue. It’s a shocking shade, and it makes me wonder what on earth a color like that is doing down so deep.”

    Most species are found in the very deep ocean and can grow to extremely long lengths. Siphonophores typically drift through the waters solo rather than in groups.

    That makes spotting one, just like the Nautilus team did, a very rare treat.