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Troy Lee Designs Celebrates Independence Day @ Red Bud - MX

il y a 4 ans152 views

The fourth of July is an historic day for Americans. It signifies our freedom and independence and the American way of life. As motocross fans, it also means the best riders in the world are lining up at Red Bud Track and Trail for the annual motocross festival in Michigan. This year was no exception and there were some fireworks left over for the race on Saturday.

In the 450 class Troy Lee Designs / Lucas Oil / MAVTV rider Malcolm Stewart started inside the top ten in the opening moto. After some bar-banging and charging, he found himself in seventh with a clear track around him. Stewart would run half the race in that spot before making a few mistakes and dropping to ninth at the finish. Malcolm shot off the line again in moto two and was trying to duplicate his first moto charge forward. Unfortunately he just couldn't get things going and the rough, rutted course was getting the best of him. Malcolm was the victim of a late-race crash that would knock him out of the race. His 9-DNF moto scores would leave him in 15th position for the day.

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Troy Lee Designs Celebrates Independence Day @ Red Bud - MX
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