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    Ugly Truth Of Comedy Nights With Kapil

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    by Moviez Adda

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    Laugh at your own risk!
    Now that should be the sign board put outside Kapil Sharma's studio of Comedy Nights With Kapil! Why are we saying so you ask? Well, sorry to break your hearts peeps but here's an ugly truth that's now come out in open around this laughing man and his not-so-happening attitude! As per reports, a few people who had recently visited the show reveal that Kapil is a terrible man when it comes to treating his crew and fans in reality! Oh-My-God like really? Yes peeps! He might drop your jaws to utter laughter but starting from his unplanned shoots to his staged up gimmicks, fans argue that Kapil is not at all, what he pretends to show up on screen! In fact, even the people picked up from the audiences are pre-planned according to their personality and saleable factor! this is too much! So what do you think of this ugly truth? Do we call it Comedy Nights or Horror Nights?