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    No girls allowed Hearthstone tournament - The Tara Show


    door ZoominGames

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    This is what happens when feminism gets a hold on something. Give women privileges without the attatched responsibilities (in this case, being skillful) that normally go with it. All wile saying that this is how you fight oppression/"make up for it"/"fight sexism!". Men and women are totally the same, so lets treat women differently now, to make up for treating them differently in the past. It's understandable in physical sports, we are a sexually dimorphic animal. Intelligence is not a barrier for e-sports either, since all you need are to understand the game and can think logically/stragegically (and make calculated risk based behavior). tldr: If "being comfortable" is your barrier to enter any sport, you have bigger problems that need addressing. Or your personality is just not suited for public gatherings of peoples, whos personalities you aren't capable of or prepared to deal with.
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