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    High Times: Washington gives green light for sticky icky sales

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    Twenty long months after Washington voted to legalize marijuana for recreational use, the state is finally getting around to issuing its first licenses for legal sales of cannabis.

    Seattle will initially only have one pot shop; Vancouver will get three; Tacoma could have as many as four. Many operators that applied for licenses weren't ready for inspections and other government requirements, so the first batch will only see 20 licenses passed out of the 334 that could potentially be granted.

    The stores that do open will also be in short supply of product. Growers in Washington were only issued licenses in March, so they haven't had enough time to grow enough product. Edibles cannot be sold yet as marijuana food producers have not yet been awarded licenses.

    Stores can only have one small sign outside, with no product visible from the street or sidewalk. Supplies will have to be rationed at first as stores don't yet have sufficient supply.

    Once mary jane sales do pick up, don't be surprised if food sales pick up in tandem. No doubt there could be some negative effects, but hey, at least tourism should pick up.


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