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    Web News - Kenya's opposition calls for more democracy

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    In this edition: Kenya`s opposition calls for more democracy; campaign for workers` rights in the Philippines; and the tallest waterslide in the world …

    10,000 Kenyans took part in anti-government protests in Nairobi on July 7th, calling for greater transparency and security. The demonstration was organized by Kenya`s main opposition party, and has received widespread commentary on Twitter under the #sabasabarally et #sabasabafever hashtags. 
    Activists have been sharing the movement`s message on the social network, and have also been accusing the government of corruption. They want to see an end to the rampant insecurity in Kenya, where Islamist groups have carried out a series of bloody attacks in recent months. These web users wonder if the thousands of soldiers deployed to monitor the demonstrations would have been better utilized fighting terrorism. 
    There was concern there would be clashes between opposition demonstrators and police, a lot of shopkeepers left their stores closed that day, fearing violence and looting. But they were proved wrong and the protest was a peaceful one, and supporters of the movement want it to stay that way. 
    But many remain skeptical about the real worth of the rally, and some Kenyans used it as an excuse to stay at home. This web user sums it by saying, the poor go to the rally, the Middle Class talk about it on Twitter and the rich watch it on the television.
    Factory workers in the Philippines who make the microchips used for iPhones have taken to social networks in recent weeks to denounce their working conditions and the dismissal of 24 union leaders. 
    Workers for electronics man... Go on reading on our web site.
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