Bank Employee Claims She Was Fired For Wishing Customer ‘A Blessed Day’

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Polly Neace, an employee of a Kentucky US Bank branch, says she was fired for telling customers to ‘have a blessed day’ and has since filed a lawsuit.

Polly Neace has since filed a lawsuit against US Bank.

Said Neace, “I say, ‘Have a blessed day’ all of the time. I don’t think there’s any better kind of day you can have than a blessed day.”

According to the bank’s employee files, however, she didn’t stop there.

In 2011 she was reprimanded for asking a customer if they’d taken the Lord’s name in vain. She then proceeded to talk to the person about salvation.

Further, US Bank’s documents show that there had been several complaints about Neace’s blessed wishes.

The bank ordered her to stop discussing religion and faith with both patrons and coworkers.

Only months later she was spoken to by her employers again. Neace said a drive-thru customer said ‘God bless you’ and she responded, ‘Thank you. God bless you too.’

Her firing came after she was complaining about work and in the process quipped that she should just go back to wishing people blessed days.

The lawsuit she filed is based upon her being discriminated against for her religious beliefs.