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    The scent of change: EU perfumers prepare for new regulations

    euronews (in English)

    by euronews (in English)

    What’s in a scent? Well, from next year perhaps something a little different than before.

    The EU is planning new anti-allergy legislation, which will prohibit some of the ingredients found in best-sellers including Chanel Number 5 and Miss Dior.

    From early 2015, Brussels is set to ban two of the core molecules in oak moss, which is used in perfumes to preserve the scent, on the grounds that up to 3 percent of the EU population could be allergic.

    So perfume makers are having to develop new recipes.

    Perfumer Patricia De Nicolai explained: “We feel a bit targeted and at the moment there is an overly large obsession with perfume.”

    European Commission spokesman David Hudson said the perfume industry’s position has been taken into account, saying: “The scientific committee’s opinion was that we should put in place thresholds for people who already have an allergic reaction. We think that measure would be disproportionate, in that it would touch the industry quite severely.”

    But many in the perfume industry believe that they are being unfairly targeted – arguing that a simple label warning, as used on many food products, would be enough to alert those with allergies to keep the stopper in the bottle