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    Extreme Tattoos: My OCD Drove Me To Tattoo Addiction

    Barcroft TV

    by Barcroft TV

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    QUIRKY Keith Gordon had agonising skins grafts to remove his teenage tattoos - only to spend £15,000 redoing them over his face and body. The 58-year-old suffers from extreme OCD causing him to act out on uncontrollable impulses every few years. Five years ago the office administrator from Romford felt obliged to tattoo his entire body and reinvent himself as 'the coolest looking guy in Essex'. His new look went completely against the wishes of his wife Lisa, 43, from the Philippines, who admits she would never have married her husband as he is now. However, Keith still managed to convince her to get two of her own tattoos - by paying her £1,500 to have them done. Keith says his latest venture is due to obsessive compulsive disorder which has 'ruled his life'. Mr Gordon, who earns about £30,000 per year, says he changes his lifestyle dramatically every few years when a new obsession comes into his life. He had his arms and shoulders tattooed at 17 before changing his mind and having them removed with skin grafts to become a white-collar worker. He then led a carefree life in Soho and travelled the world - before becoming obsessed with marrying and having a family. His shocking look has put him at odds with his children Jamie-Lee, 11, Ricky, eight, Jennifer, five, and his stepdaughter Diana Rose, 14, as well as his wife's family in the Philippines.

    Videographer / Director: John Robertson
    Producer: John Balson
    Editor: Joshua Douglas