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    Film Makinesi

    by Film Makinesi

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    Personally I don't get the hate for the Kardashians, I don't think they are "wastes of space" at all, personally I find the sheer hatred people have for them a bit disturbing. The way some people talk about them, you'd think they were KKK members.
    By darkrage6January
    With me, the only show I really like on that channel was The Soup; since I would use to watch clips from the show on YouTube, and there was a lot of funny moments.
    By bookworm_42Last year
    belfry43 .
    Mysteries and Scandals we a great show!
    By belfry43 .Last year
    As I already explained over Twitter (this is to anyone else reading this), the Jennifer Love Hewitt edition of Love Chain is on YouTube!
    By adultmoshifan87Last year
    Ilana Corey
    What's Emeril?
    By Ilana CoreyLast year
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