TV Trash: Brickleberry

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Words... may not be able to describe...


'Get that s**t off the air!' No better words have been said. Oh yeah and for the person who said tom kenny had no shame that is a huge understatement! Tom kenny literally does all this stuff for the money let's be honest, if you had to do a voice over in a movie called elf bowling and had kids and a wife to support, you'd do it too!
By Rachel Alisha February
Also I just realized, Tom Kenny has no effing shame.
By Theshadyreviewer January
Hearing that story about Australia's Naughtiest Videos made me laugh so long and so hard, I had to pause the video.
By Theshadyreviewer January
you are my new hero for giving this show the beat down it deserves. I watched the first episode and said never again.
By evilstar99 September
Wow, and I thought Allen Gregory was bad. This is just making me wanna avoid this show at all costs now.
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