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    Palestinian families in Hebron see homes damaged in alleged Israeli revenge attack

    euronews (in English)

    by euronews (in English)

    The home of a Palestinian family whose son Israelis claim is a member of Hamas has been damaged in an attack. Abou Eisha is one of two men who was arrested for involvement in the kidnapping and subsequent murder of the three Israeli youths last month.

    No Palestinian movement has claimed responsibility for the kidnappings while the families of the two men maintain their sons’ innocence.

    “The debris (of the house) will increase my strength and make me more resolute. I would say the Israeli occupation kidnapped my son from the first day of the incident and that my son is now imprisoned in Israel there is no evidence they have to prove he did it,” said the mother of Abou Eisha.

    Many fear there could be more such attacks and blame the Israeli security forces. The home of Marwan Al-qawasmi the second man to be charged was ripped apart by bombs.

    “The Israelis are used to lying, Israeli is lying. Charges are always ready and prepared in advance we consider they didn’t want to even hear what they said, this is all a lie,” said his father.

    The families are left among the rubble of their homes not knowing where their sons are being held, the latest to be caught up in the aftermath of the kidnappings and killings of the three Israeli youths.

    Euronews correspondent in Hebron, Mohammed Shaikhibrahim said:
    “While Palestinians are denying the allegations they had anything to do with the incident what actually happened still raises a lot of questions.”