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    Egyptians continue to protest on Morsi’s ouster anniversary


    by PressTV

    Fresh Violence Erupts in Egypt as protesters mark the first anniversary of the ouster of former President Mohamed Morsi.
    Protestors blocked a number of streets in Cairo and Alexandria which resulted in clashes with security forces. A number of protestors were killed in the violence. The Anti Coup Alliance which is made up mostly of Muslim brotherhood members, have been holding weekly protests since last July. These protests have been responded with a harsh crackdown, ranging from killing of hundreds of protestors to the imprisonment of other thousands. The Anti Coup Alliance is against the country's current president. The m3embers believe that the legitimate ruler of Egypt is still Mohamed Morsi who is currently in jail facing a number of criminal charges. They are demanding his release alongside all political prisoners. At least 300 people were arrested during the day’s protests. The alliance hailed the protests in a statement it released saying that those in the streets will be the ones to decide the future of Egypt, but will their demands be really met or will be crushed by the current government?