Increase Positive Emotional Levels

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"The Destiny Switch is a concept I am teaching. I put labels of love, faith, bliss, and calm at the top of the switch, and use it to remind myself every day of who I choose to be," says Peggy McColl, author of Your Destiny Switch: Master Your Key Emotions, and Attract the Life of Your Dreams.

The problem is that people tend to pile on more worry every day which creates negative thoughts.

What you need to do is:
** Wake up every day and decide to feel differently.
** Write down what you want your life to be, and read it back to yourself with real feeling.

Surround yourself with tools to move your emotions to the top of the Destiny Switch.
** Graph your emotional levels each day to know where you are.
** Decide to move up the switch to the next level every day.
Use these techniques to help you change levels:
** Slow your breathing down and think of a time you felt unconditional love.
** See a funny movie.
** Read an inspirational book.
About the Author:
Dr. Proactive, Randy Gilbert enjoys producing "The Inside Success Show" and presents his insightful interview with Peggy McColl based upon the techniques from her book. You can hear the entire inspirational interview for free by going to: