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    Villagers Try To Stop Rajinikanth's 'Lingaa' Shooting

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    Villagers Try To Stop Rajinikanth's 'Lingaa' Shooting

    OMG! Villagers Stop Rajinikanth's 'Lingaa' Shoot

    Check Out! Villagers Oppose Rajinikanth's 'Lingaa' Shooting

    Exclusive! Rajinikanth Lingaa Shooting Halted

    Why Did Rajinikanth's Lingaa Shooting Came To A Halt?

    They say there's no stopping for Rajinikanth but at times even Rajinikanth will be stopped. It happened as such in a little village Anajpuram, Telangana. The actor was shooting for his upcoming film Lingaa. And guess what happened? BAM!
    Relax boys! The locals halted the shooting midway alleging that the movie unit was contaminating their local pond which is their only source of drinking water. Is it true? Maybe, we guess so!
    And this isn't the first time Lingaa shooting has come to halt. Earlier the shooting was stopped in Mysore because of lack of permissions.
    While the film's unit turns down the allegations, the local officials and others are trying to convince the villagers to cooperate for the shooting.
    There is still a 10 day schedule left for the film.