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    Officer Who Knocked Paraplegic Man Out Of Wheelchair Keeps Job

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    A Lafayette, Indiana police lieutenant who shoved a man out of his wheelchair has been given a 30-day suspension rather than the firing recommended by department brass.

    "Woah...what the f***"

    After a Lafayette, Indiana police lieutenant knocked a paraplegic man out of his wheelchair, department brass wanted him fired.

    Instead, the officer got a 30-day suspension and a year of supervised probation.

    "We are now getting word that an Indiana police officer will be allowed to keep his job despite a pretty shocking incident that was caught on tape." [Via FOX]

    The incident was captured by a patrol car’s dashcam and shows in detail the actions taken by Lieutenant Tom Davidson in his questioning of Nicholas Kincade.

    Davidson and several other officers responded to a call concerning the wheelchair-bound man.

    Employees of a neighborhood school had contacted police saying Kincade told them he was carrying a gun.

    Police quickly determined that he wasn’t, but did warn him that returning to the school would be considered trespassing.

    Kincade then started to depart and in the process ran over Davidson’s foot.

    "Woah...what the f***"

    "You do not drive over me."

    "Now you are going to jail."

    "I didn't see you."

    "Oh my God, right."

    “After an internal review of the incident, the chief and six other members of the command staff felt the officer should be fire, but on appeal his punishment was lessened, demoting him to rank and giving him 30 days of suspension without pay.” [Via WSBT]

    No additional charges against either man involved are being pursued.