Mugen: Cheap Boss Type

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NeoKamek's Description (slightly edited by me):

What do Wolverine 71113, Eternal Sailor Moon, Naruto-kun, and Omega Tiger Woods all have in common (besides the fact they're cheese characters)?

They all just got 0WN3D!!!11 by Pneophen's Cheap Boss Type.

Stage: Ambitions of the Abyss (KOF XI) by Kung Fu Man
BGM: TaQ - Random Beat

And you thought Evil Ken, Evil Ryu, etc. were cheap? You ain't SEEN cheap until you've seen Cheap Boss Type. This character is practically unbeatable, you'll need something like Omega Tom Hanks or Psycho Shredder to win against CBT.

CBT takes the normal aspects of what makes a character cheap and amplifies it tenfold. First of all, CBT is AI-only. His AI automatically activates even if a human is playing him. CBT can combo any attack into any other attack. He has 10 levels of power and has all kinds of long-reaching beam attacks. He's got ridiculous speed and recovery time. He can even break out of hitstun -- watch how he just avoids Wolverine's combos by teleporting out of them and returning the favor with his own cheap combos. Also, you can't throw him or put him into any custom states. His health also recovers after every round in Turns mode (it's not supposed to under normal rules).

If somehow you manage to overcome all these aspects of CBT and beat him once, then in the next round he gets a "Cheapness x10" bonus. This is the true face of CBT. He gains new moves and starts auto-regenerating health and power. He also gains hyper armor, making it impossible to combo him. He also gains immunity to projectiles, and has even more comboability than before. He can lay the smack down on you before you can even get a move off.

And as if that weren't enough, he's immune to the F1 (instant kill) key.

Download Cheap Boss Type at: -- click on Hosted Creations, Hosted Characters, and it's under Pneophen.


&Ha Very great Thank you
By eleanorz2v 4 years ago
^^ Hoo super bonne ;). j ai decouvert un site de cam qui rend accro au filles devant leur cams. mieu vaut ne pas aller dessus :
By oliviafitie oliviafitie 4 years ago
c'est quoi ce jeux de merde
By bellcros 5 years ago
*holds head in mugen shame....

yeah , i didnt know that until someone on the infinity forum told me
By danny 7 years ago
Yes, I know. CBT isn't the cheapest character in the world. The title for cheapest characters ever belong to Lord Shredder 3.0, Unknown in hyper mode, and Zero_Col. Also, Sephiroth was made by Gulthor, and he has stolen codes from the Necromancer's characters.
By Shinryuu82 7 years ago
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