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    Mugen: Kung Fu Man (me) Vs Omega Tiger Woods


    by Shinryuu82

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    Description from NeoKamek:

    Some info for the uninitiated: Omega Tiger Woods is a character by Most_Mysterious, based on Tiger Woods the golfer. He has a wide array of ludicrous attacks, including the Shrimp Bus super and the Rain of Exploding Golf Tees. He can also summon crane arms and exploding golf tees at any time during the battle -- even if he's being hit! He is feared and loathed throughout the MUGEN community for his massive destructive power and cheap AI.

    However, Omega Tiger Woods has a huge weakness: he can't block. He can be beaten simply by bum-rushing him. However, you still have to watch out for the crane arm and flying golf tees.

    Sadly, Omega Tiger Woods is not available, as his creator's website is down. If a download link becomes available then I'll let you guys know.