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    Brazil's psychic turtle sees France and Germany in World Cup semi-finals

    euronews (in English)

    by euronews (in English)

    The string of surprises in this World Cup perhaps proves the old adage that there are no easy games any more in international football.

    It seems there are also no longer any easy predictions in the reptile world. “Big Head” the psychic Brazilian turtle wants to buck the trend; although it appears he has not quite decided if France or Germany will be in the semis.

    When presented with two sardines under two opposing flags he swam in his tank in the Projeto Tamar Project in Bahia towards both fish, first the French and then the German.

    Lukas Gespert, German tourist:

    German tourist, Lukas Gespert was one of many eagerly anticipating the outcome: “I hope that the turtle is wrong and that Germany wins. But I also hope that there will be a lot of tension in this game because it makes it more fun to watch.”

    Sentiments shared by French tourist, Morgan Monniel: “The turtle chose the French fish and then ate the German one. If that means a draw and then a win for us on penalites, I don’t know. I hope the second prediction will be wrong. But I am sure that France will win the game within 90 minutes.”

    Big Head is also backing the Brazilians to record a win over Colombia so we will not know if its psychic powers are back until much later tonight.