Palestinian groups challenge BBC on Israeli bias


by PressTV

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An appeal has been filed by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Friends of Al Aqsa to try and get the BBC to explain whether it is justified in referring to Jerusalem as an Israeli city.
In a case that has been ongoing since 2012, campaign groups have complained to the corporation's trust, the Information Commissioner's office and had a Freedom of Information request rejected but have vowed to fight on to prevent further 'misinformation'. This controversy is not the first time BBC coverage and the corporation's editorial policies have been challenged by pro-Palestinian organisations. For too long they've argued, the official line from Tel Aviv has been aped with very little room for the narrative from a Palestinian perspective. The corporation has fought off claims of pro-Israeli bias. In 2011 producers censored the lyrics to a pro-Palestinian rap, editing out the word 'Palestine.' The BBC, with the largest audience share in the UK - and publicly funded - has a remit to remain impartial. This new youtube video featuring Iran's foreign minister and nuclear chief negotiator Zarif is attracting a lot of attention. In it he talks about the potential of these talks but also warns that any efforts to apply too much pressure on Iran will only backfire. He says sanctions imposed against the Islamic Republic after talks broke down in 2005 actually had the opposite effect to those envisaged by the US and EU.