CGR Undertow - Observations and Frustrations with RAMPAGE

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Rampage video feature.
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Rampage video feature. Classic Game Room presents a CGR Undertow video feature on Rampage for the NES developed by Midway and published by Data East.

Midway’s classic arcade game comes to the NES, albeit one monster short, to find that Derek still isn’t very good at it. Rampage has been ported to countless platforms dating back to its original arcade release, and aside from the apparent extinction of one of its monsters, the NES version is solid. Players destroy city after city as they parade across the map like some kind of…destruction parade. With fleas. In this video, Derek plays Rampage and makes some observations. He also has some frustrations. You probably expected as much. Rampage offered single-player and multiplayer play on the NES, which meant you could crush cities with your little brother or sister. Nothing beats crushing cities with families, except maybe watching Derek fail to do so.

This video feature features video gameplay footage of Rampage for the NES and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Derek.