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    More US troops heading to Iraq as ISIL insurgency rages on


    by PressTV

    As tensions continue in Iraq, the United States is sending more US troops there. The announcement comes as regional conflict intensifies and US Secretary of State John Kerry met with allies in the area.
    More US troops are heading to Iraq than previously discussed. US President Barack Obama told Congress he's commanding about 200 more US troops to Iraq. The new forces are being sent to protect embassy personnel and to secure Baghdad's airport as security in the country continues to unravel. The US president had already committed to sending 300 military personnel labeled as advisors to Iraq. Looking at the US' military offensive in Iraq that started in 2003 Secretary of State John Kerry says the situation there is regrettable The troops may also act as military escorts in case of emergencies such as evacuations. But they are also expected to work with the 300 green berets with intelligence gathering and battlefield strategy in fighting against ISIL insurgents. The group "I-S" formerly called ISIS or ISIL possesses weapons and artillery that threaten US interests. And Iraqi military officials have expressed an urgent need for US presence to help defeat I-S forces. The White House says it's deeply concerned about the reports of growing violence in Iraq which is why it is sending more troops. The United Nations says more than 24-hundred people were killed in Iraq last month--the deadliest month this year. The White House is hoping that sending additional troops to Iraq will make a difference in Iraq's security, but also not anger an American public that is already war weary. The additional military personnel will bring the number of US troops in Iraq to nearly 800. Some believe that the additional troops are being sent to help tailor failed US military policy. The United States has already spent 25 billion dollars training and arming an Iraqi military some of whose members backed down from fighting as insurgents commandeered major areas of Iraq.