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    Pakistan's internally displaced people suffer during Ramadan


    by PressTV

    For hundreds of thousands of internally displaced locals of North Waziristan, this is a daily routine. These people have fled after Army initiated its military offensive "Zarb-e-Azb", against Pro-Taliban militants.
    Their days are spent waiting in long queues, holding their registrations cards as IDPs and being helped with food to feed their families and money to help them manage their expenses. The slow process and lack of government staff has turned this routine into a whole day's job for the IDPs. They say their displacement has forced many of them to no fast during Ramadan. In Bannu district, where at least 4,86,000 IDPs are housed, more than 80 per cent of the IDPs refused to stay in camps made by the armed forces and the government and preferred to stay as guests or tenants in houses of the locals. Mian Masood is an elder to one of the many villages attached to Bannu, accommodating IDP families. He said Bannu hosted the IDPs because they share the same land. Though the IDPs have got homes to live in and government's facilitation centers are providing relief aids to locals every day; Hundreds of thousands of the displaced people are still to be helped. The Holy month of Ramadan has raised their hopes of more relief aid and speedy work in order to help them feed their families. The internally displaced people from North Waziristan are spending their Ramadan fasting in camps, while hundreds and thousands of them still spend their days and nights in open air, with their eyes filled with hopes of relief and rehabilitation.