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New York, May 18 2007 -- The trailer for Bruno Dumont's new film, "Flanders" which opened on May 18 at the Cinema Village in New York. Set in the titular rural town, a love triangle is on hold when two young men are drafted to a desert war. Their personal rivalries play out and complicate tensions on the battlefield, in the world of casually committed atrocity that is the fallout of war. A video interview with Dumont will be posted shortly.


thank you for your comment, iut59. Have you seen the film?
By Liza Bear 6 years ago
it is called Flanders because the film occurs to Flanders. It is an area of the north of France. It is a rather poor area but it is a very beautiful area.
By iut59 6 years ago
Obviously, this is a French movie, and the title in version originale is "Flandres". However, since I am in New York and this post was geared to the theatrical release of the movie in New York, I used the spelling used by the US distributor.
By Liza Bear 8 years ago
Why is this movie called Flanders? They speak French...
By jonnysatan 8 years ago