Daughter Shocks Her Mum With Reaction to Horrible Birthday Present

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Florida mum Jessi Eaton decided to play a little joke on her daughter Kylee’s birthday by giving her a terrible present in the form of adult’s underwear. However it was mom Jessi who was left shocked when her daughter acted with genuine gratitude at the ‘present’, and even told her mum it was the “best present” she had ever received.

See Kylee in the video revealing her terrible gift and the priceless reaction that follows. Credit: YouTube/Jessi Eaton


no it is not
sorry but something like this really really gets to me because there are child involved in it and they are making a big joke out of her on a day she really has been looking forward to for a long time, and i bet she has spend a lot of time looking in all different catalogs for things she wish for. sorry but i still say SHAME on the parents for doing and lots of love for Jessi for being so lovely that even though she got shit she don't like to disappointed her mom, so she say's that she really love it and it is the best gift ever
By lytken1969 December
It's the thought that counts right.
By Abubakr Galant December
it is not fair to that sweet girl that love her mom so much that they are pulling a prank on her only adults can see the fun in, i feel so sorry for the lovely girl
By lytken1969 October
kill the parents
By zaba daba doo October
aaaawwww she really love her mom so much
what a lovely sweet girl
By lytken1969 September
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