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    Motorists Blame 'Sexy Mannequins’ For Crashes

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    So-called ‘sexy mannequins’ are now under scrutiny, as some residents are blaming them for vehicle accidents in Oklahoma City. The scantily clad dummies stand behind the window of a new store called ‘Hustler Hollywood Shop’.

    Perhaps some drivers in Oklahoma City should listen to The Doors singing ‘Keep your eyes on the road, your hands upon the wheel’, instead of blaming scantily clad mannequins at Larry Flynt’s latest ‘Hustler Hollywood’ store for causing accidents.

    The store officially opened on June 12th and according to Oklahoma City police, there have been eight crashes since then near the intersection where the business is located. A KOCO 5 News fan named Gary actually emailed the station after an accident to allege the mannequins are responsible for distracting him.

    Gary noted “I just had a minor fender bender looking at the mannequins in the window of the new Hustler Hollywood store. We both agreed that it was going to cause lots of accidents.”

    One of the crashes resulted in injuries, but it must be said that none of the accidents have been directly attributed to the dummies. Some local motorists say the mannequins are distracting but at the end of the day, it’s their responsibility to keep their eyes on the road.

    A store spokesperson said the displays are not overly revealing or lewd. There are no plans to remove the lingerie-clad dummies from the window.