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    Two Vehicles Land In Kane County Sinkhole

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    by Geo Beats

    Two vehicles recently plummeted down into a sinkhole in Kane County.

    Two vehicles recently plummeted into a sinkhole in Kane County, Illinois. Deputies responded to the scene at approximately 4 on Tuesday morning.

    Cops soon realized a portion of the road had completely washed out. A Ford Taurus was resting at the bottom of the sinkhole.

    Just prior to deputies’ arrival, a Chevrolet pickup truck drove right over the Taurus. Rescue crews had to pull two people, a mother and son, from the Ford.

    They were both transported to the hospital where their injuries were listed as non-life threatening. The driver of the pickup was treated at the scene.

    Following the incident, the Kane County Sheriff’s Department released a statement noting “It is unknown exactly why that section of roadway was washed out; however it appears to have been related to the overnight storms. The area is described as a sinkhole approximately 10 feet in diameter and deep enough that the Taurus was completely below ground level.”

    Police also pointed out the accident site is in a rural location with no streetlights, which would have made it difficult for drivers to see the sinkhole beforehand. No tickets were issued following the wreck, and the road is now closed indefinitely.