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    Subhan Allah

    by Subhan Allah

    Ramadan Kariiim
    The Prophet (Puh) said :
    In Ramadan Heaven doors are open,hell is shut & shaytans are tied >
    Ramadan first is mercy ,its middle is sins deleting & its end is freedom from hell.
    Fast & have night suhoor on dates.
    3 have their prayesr (duaas) replied: just ruler,the oppressed & the fasting when fasting .
    The prophet was generous & more generous in Ramadan especially the final 10 daus when he used to do Itikaf (stay) in the mosque away from home & waking up his wives for prayers.
    Allah removes people from hell every day in Ramadan & removes same number in laylat al Qadr Night as those removed all Ramadan.
    This fasting & praying Ramadan & Qadr Night for Allah believing in him will have his previous sins deleted.
    Allah doesnot need the fasting of the one not leaving lies & false sayings .
    There may be a fasting or a night praying who gets nothing but hunger & staying late with no reward.
    Feast Days are days of eating,Drinking & Allah remembering .