The Difference In Beauty Standards Around The World Is Mesmerizing

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Esther Honig's single self-portrait became a mosaic of "the perfect woman" as seen in vastly different cultures.


She's beautiful as she is - natural.
By Kell Smurthwaite August
I wouldve just sent her the picture back unedited, because she is already beautiful.
By Arnold Pain July
The US one looked like the photoshoppers were totally taking the p*ss! If they seriously thought that that made her more beautiful then they are barking! Most of them did not use loads of make up and I thought looked nice. All the ones with lots of make up looked worse. A very interesting project.
By Medusa July
What about China, Japan, and Korea? The three countries will render very different images and it will be very interesting! It will be good if they can do one on a man too! The American man will have a strong jaw?
By Susan Fong July
Interesting to see how infantilised the US version is.
By KH2014 July
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