American Idol 6-top 3 RESULTS-EP 39(3/3)


by big2ratz

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Melinda's character shown the best in this part of the episode. She accepted the verdict graciously. She smiled at Randy. Melinda, you will shine the brightest among the AI contestants.
By petercawaing 8 years ago
Blake instead of Melinda? WTF?!!! Melinda is not only a brilliant singer but she also has a very nice attitude :( i really can't believe those results -_-
By alexandra_k 8 years ago
I can't believe it! Melinda out? I bet she's going to sell albums never been seen in history. Because aside from the fans there will be symphatizers who will be out to support her. It's gonna BIG!
By petercawaing 8 years ago
i was so confident that Melinda would be in the finals. she deserved to be.
By janeysp 8 years ago
By hanskyut 8 years ago