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    The WAN Show: Ubisoft is trying to be cool and YouTube supports 60FPS now! - June 27th, 2014


    by LinusTechTips

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    Table of Contents (thanks DoozyDiglett)

    0:02:23 Intro & Sponsors (Dollar shave club, squarespace & Intel "Ask the expert")
    0:04:05 Luke Beatboxing
    0:05:10 Youtube Supports 60 FPS, Crowdsource captions and more
    0:06:41 Browser discussion
    0:16:04 Ubisoft says "DRM doesn't stop piracy"
    0:24:35 Android TV
    0:32:04 Co-op games discussion
    0:36:35 Razer's android tv "micro-console"
    0:42:12 Proprietary standrards rant
    0:45:15 Intel "Ask the expert" Sponsor Spot
    0:47:50 Dollar shave club Sponsor Spot
    0:50:35 Squarespace Sponsor Spot
    0:56:46 WAN Show with 30% more handsome
    0:58:06 Playstation Now Price leak
    1:01:35 Android Newscaster
    1:04:21 Google Cardboard VR
    1:08:22 Intel has asked AMD for access to Mantle
    1:12:31 Oral-B's Toothbrush that pairs with your phone
    1:13:50 Solar Roadways are BS
    1:15:08 Plan for scamming ecofreaks
    1:16:22 Witcher 3 to feature Boob Physics
    1:17:45 Junk Physics Concept
    1:19:53 Microsoft offering $650 to exchange macbook air for surface
    1:20:07 Microsoft Surface "Review"
    1:29:18 Outro