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    Salman Khan To Sing Remixed Version Of Jumme Ki Raat !

    Moviez Adda

    by Moviez Adda

    Did you hear this? Jumme Ki Raat from Salman's Kick is already enchanting new records and here comes a report that its remix version is to be sung by none other than Salman Khan! Yes, peeps! Apart from crooning for his Hangover track alongside Shreya Goshal, Salman will further shoot up to some more of Jumma by lending his voice for this one! Oh-My-God! This has to be one of the coolest of the buzz! So while the original was been sung by Mika Singh, what do you think? Will this Salman version too, crack a bomb like the original? Oh, silly me! What sort of a question is that now! Of course it will! In fact, Jumme Ki Raat is reported to have 4 versions of its remixes namely- The Remix, The House Mix, The Desi Mix and The Dandiya Mix. So it's yet to be known on which blend will Salman rest his voice!