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    African leaders pledge to fight against rising insurgency across continent


    by PressTV

    As the threat of insurgency continues to rise across the continent, African leaders collaborated together at a summit Thursday to combat the spread of violence.

    The two-day summit, consisting of the fifty-four-nation African Union took place in the Equatorial Guinea capital Malabo. Newly elected President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi of Egypt most notably called for closer co-operation against terrorism, pledging a peacemaking role for Africa. Conflicts with militants escalated in recent days. The summit befalls the suspected Boko Haram-led bombing that took the lives of over twenty Nigerians in Abuja. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon urged for immediate peace talks in Mali. All AU leaders have pledged their support for the African security apparatus and will work with the U-N to strengthen it.