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    The Debate - Iraq Terror Turmoil (P.1)


    by PressTV

    It was the war on Syria, still ongoing, and now the war on Iraq: Battles between the ISIL takfiri terrorists and the Iraqi army continues. The militant offensive, led by ISIL terrorists but involving other groups as well, has overrun large areas of five provinces since it was launched on June 9. On the political side: Iraq's PM Nouri AL Maliki has said he would not heed calls for a national unity government, but will do so when parliament convenes on July 1. Meanwhile, the US Secretary of State John Kerry has held urgent talks with Persian Gulf countries to address the widening crisis, minus Iran. Iran meanwhile has said that it has not sent drones into Iraq, but will send military equipment if Iraq asks it. This is while Iran' s leader has accused the United States of trying to retake control of Iraq by exploiting sectarian rivalries. In this edition of the debate, we'll also discuss why the some Persian Gulf countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar are calling these terrorists revolutionaries, and ask: DO they not fear that these ISIL terrorists could one day threaten their kingdom?