Joe Candullo & His Orchestra - A Jazz Holiday

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Although totally forgotten today, Joe Candullo had a couple of popular jazz outfits during the 1920s. Candullo's career spanned more than 50 years, He also co-authored the songs ''(I'll Build a) Dream House" and ''I Wanna Go Home,'' Moreover, he co-composed the orchestral ''Christmas Symphony''. He was a regular on network radio, and he made more than 100 issued recordings. While the majority of his discs were released, from 1926 to 1929, Candullo was still in the studio, as late as 1954 and possibly later. He was leading a popular orchestra at the Everglades, a restaurant on 46th Street and Broadway, in New York City. It was with this band that Candullo made his first recordings, on February 23, 1926. By April 1927, Joe Candullo and His Everglades Orchestra were making their first radio broadcasts over WMCA, in New York. This outstanding record was made in 1928. The vocal probably is by Joe Candullo himself.

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Par Genia en juin
Patrick, Great orchestration and vocal. Perfect for dancing.... Millions of STARS Merci
Par Genia en juin
The disappearing comments, however... hum.
Par kspm0220s en juin
Jack, I truly hope you will receive them anew. I have to say I've been receiving all or nearly all of them during the last few weeks. So glad you enjoyed this selection!
Par kspm0220s en juin
Most welcome Ginny! Great you enjoyed this rendition. It is outstanding indeed.
Par kspm0220s en juin
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