Indian Court Rules Weight Gain Is Not Grounds For Divorce

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An Indian court recently denied a man’s request that his marriage be dissolved because his wife gained weight.

A Bombay court recently denied a man’s request that his marriage be dissolved. The unhappy husband was seeking divorce on the grounds that his wife had put on too much weight.

He had other grievances as well.

Among them were than she never did housework, was argumentative and strong willed, and that their sexual relations were strained.

Her weight gain, he said, had made her unattractive to him and despite his attempts to encourage medical intervention she remained uninterested in losing the pounds.

It was said that prior to the nuptials the woman had undergone a breast surgery that later caused her to add the excess girth.

The man said he had never been made aware of the procedure.

When asked if the marriage had ever been consummated, the man admitted that it had. He also admitted that she had in the past initiated intimacy.

Given that, the court decided that the entire case was based on his displeasure with her weight and decided that wasn’t a valid reason for divorce.