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    Gorilla Doctors: Life-saving Surgeons Operate on African Apes

    Barcroft TV

    by Barcroft TV

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    Renowned zoologist Dian Fossey dedicated her life to saving mountain gorillas. Shockingly, she was murdered in 1985 - found bludgeoned to death with a machete on the floor of her jungle cabin.
    However, her legacy lives on. Not only did she inspire Oscar-nominated movie Gorillas in the Mist, but she also gave rise to Gorilla Doctors: a multi-national team of veterinary surgeons and specialists who treat maimed and critically ill apes, as well as caring for orphans at two dedicated sanctuaries in Africa.
    Gorilla Doctors help primates trapped in poaching snares, or exposed to human viruses that can be potentially fatal (a common cold can kill them). They even rescue gorillas caught in crossfire between warring factions in DR Congo. When Dian Fossey died, there were less than 250 mountain gorillas left in the wild. Nearly 30 years later, Gorilla Doctors have successfully brought the species back from the brink of extinction.

    Videographer / Director: Marcus Westberg
    Producer: John Balson
    Editor: Jack Stevens