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    Pleonexia - "Break All Chains" Pure Underground Records


    by BlankTV

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    Pleonexia - "Break All Chains" Pure Underground Records

    Artist Biography: Pleonexia is a 'Philosophical metal' band from Italy.
    They play a mix of 1980s hard rock and heavy metal with strong
    epic influences and with lyrics that encompass philosophical subjects.
    "Pleonexia" is an ancient Greek term roughly meaning 'covetousness'; it was often used to express the insatiable desire to have what rightfully belongs to others. However, the band reads that term with a positive significance, as one of the best qualities of man, that causes him never to accept passively his conditions but inciting him to try overtaking his limits.
    The project born in 2012 from the one man band Michele Da Pila.
    The current line up is composed of six members:
    Michele Da Pila (vocals, guitars and keyboards - composition),
    Federico Fondrini (guitars/backing vocals),
    Leonardo Manoiero (guitars/backing vocals),
    Davide Arneri (bass/ backing vocals),
    Lorenzo Luca (keyboards), Stefano Clara (drums/ backing vocals).
    In 2013 they signed a worldwide deal with german label
    Pure Underground Records / Pure Steel Records.
    Their debut album "Break All Chains" was released on January 17, 2014.

    About The Video: Break all Chains has been recorded in our home studio. It's a really low budget work, so we couldn't always get the sound we had in mind. Anyway, in the end, we really liked the final sound, that is somehow unique.
    We knew that many reviewers would criticize the sound quality, but the label agreed with us that by trying to improve the sound quality we might have lost the original groove. We like how raw and weird the album sounds.

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    Label Name: Pure Underground Records
    Label Website:

    Song Lyrics: BREAK ALL CHAINS

    This is the end of your quest

    We are the best

    really the best

    there's no contest

    We're gonna kick your ass

    I'm ready to fight

    to prove that I'm right

    We'll burn and shine

    Our rock is divine

    You wanna command

    that's what you demand

    the world in your hand

    but I'm not a grain of sand

    Fuck all your rules

    we're not at school

    and I'm not a fool

    we are hot and cool

    There's no way you can catch and tie my soul

    my mind's strong and freedom is my goal

    I'm gonna break all chains

    There's no way you can turn me into a slave

    No one that can tell me how to behave

    I'm gonna break all chains

    We are the best

    really the best

    from east to west

    We're gonna burn this place

    We are the best

    really the best

    we're made to last

    This is the end of your quest

    This is the end of your quest


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