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    Woman Jumps Over Zoo Barrier To Serenade Lions And Feed Cookies

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    One woman allegedly caused trouble when she got too close to the lion enclosure in the Memphis Zoo. The female, who was wearing brown scrubs, has now been banned from returning to the property after she jumped over a barricade to serenade and feed the animals cookies.

    The lions at the Memphis Zoo are certainly beautiful to look at. However one woman allegedly caused trouble when she got too close to the lion enclosure.

    On Monday morning the female jumped over the barricade to interact with the animals. She has since been permanently banned from the zoo.

    “A woman dressed in brown scrubs, overcome by the animal magnetism, came back and jumped this barrier in front of the lions.” [Via WMC]

    According to zoo staffers, once she got close to the lions she sang to them and tried to feed them cookies.

    Several witnesses reported seeing the woman walk right up to the wires as well. They also said that her song was about how much she’d missed the lions and said it was quite loud.

    Plenty of visitors contacted a zoo hotline, fearing the woman would get hurt. Once employees found her, they asked her not to come back.

    Just one week prior to Monday’s incident, the woman was caught throwing objects into the lion exhibit. A ‘Be On the Lookout’ or BOLO order has been issued at the zoo in case she decides to sneak in again.