The WAN Show: UBISOFT IS THE NEW EA! - June 20th, 2014


by LinusTechTips

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WAN Show Document: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/169474-june-20th-2014-the-wan-show-document/


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HighLANder - The world's highest elevation LAN party - Thanks to ASUS, Intel, and Corsair for making it possible!

Don't miss next week's "Ask the Expert" stream about Intel's new Devil's Canyon CPUs! Info here: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/169339-intel-talk-to-the-product-marketing-engineer-live-chat-giveaway/

Table of Contents (thanks piggykid1, AmateurPCGuy, bobhays, RePliCa_, Josh!, MORECATTIPSPLZ, Exia, and random animal)

0:02:57 Intro, Sponsors (Squarespace and HighLANder with ASUS, Intel & Corsair) and Intel Ask The Expert Livestream coming next week
0:05:40 Modders discovered "E3 2012 graphics edition" of Watch_Dogs
0:09:14 TotalBiscuit's Watch_Dogs rant https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b43ZlqPvBDs
0:10:30 Far Cry 4's High/Ultra setting is the same as on consoles
0:11:40 Ubisoft rumoured to revoke the Watch_Dogs E3 2012 graphics mod in upcoming patch
0:16:45 Ubisoft PR says Watch_Dogs on PC is "not downgraded"
0:19:52 EA plans to change how it makes games
0:22:25 Linus and his ad integrations
0:24:04 Origin Game Time
0:27:35 T-Mobile Test Drive
0:31:18 Nvidia GTX 880, 880Ti to be Cheaper than 780Ti
0:34:07 Highlander Sponsor Spot
0:36:45 Squarespace Sponsor Spot
0:39:13 Intel: Ask the Expert Livestream and 2x Devil's Canyon CPU giveaway
0:41:57 New forum landing page
0:50:10 Steam Summer Sale with discussion on sale strategies
0:57:05 Cheaper iMac
0:59:18 Real world HDD versus SSD test
1:01:46 Virtual Reality Fan
1:06:52 Straw Poll on LinusTechTips styled fan /w discussion twitter Q&A
1:10:16 Discussion of profits around 'PewDiePie' on YouTube and AdSense
1:15:25 Straw Poll result http://strawpoll.me/1954870/r
1:16:08 Outro